Indie Rock

New Sleepmonster LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Sleepymonster, a.k.a. Shane Luckenbaugh (American Trappist, ex-River City Extension), recently shared his new LP You're in the Family. Co-produced with fellow bandmate Joe Michelini at Berlin Studios, there’s a sticky strangeness to the songwriting - one which locks into the snap of the groove and takes on a pop-psych bend. Balancing that heady environment with a bit of carefree, garage-rock swagger, the record potentially could be the soundtrack to your dreams, or maybe more like your nightmares. 'Tis the season.


New Steady Hands LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Truth In Comedy, the new LP from Steady Hands (featuring Modern Baseball's Sean Huber), is out now via Lame-O Records. Produced by Brian McTear at Miner Street Recordings, the record navigates through ongoing trials and tribulations with an earnest exuberance. Finding a knack for creating an opening-book setting and building upon precisely assembled melodies into euphoric releases, these songs thread that personal-universal line. Riding steadily nuanced progressions, the band finds ways to embrace the moments, and still tear it up. (Photo by Chelsea Christer)


Rising NYC indie rock artist Parlors play Nublu on 11.30

Debut single “State Lines” recently brought NYC indie rock band Parlors under our radar; smooth yet gritty, packed with overdriven guitar riffs, and driven by Matt Fullam’s steady and raspy vocals, the track offers an inventive sound that's polished with just enough of a bite. The tempo ebbs and flows along with mild instrumental build-ups, while remaining laced within a catchier songwriting flair. The group is recently formed but has already landed a show at uber-cool Lower East Side venue Nublu, scheduled for 11.30, during which they will release their debut 3-song EP. - Rebecca Carrols


Pool Boys: Millennial Morse Code

Pool Boys have released their debut single, “Millennial Morse Code”. While Pool Boys have spent most of the past year as a popular opening act, listening to the single it's clear that playing live shows hasn’t been the only thing the band’s been up to. The song is incredibly refreshing. It has notes so clear and smooth listening to the song is akin to drinking a tall glass of ice water. The undertones of the bass intermixed with guitar riffs that strike like lightning give the song a darker edge. It’s clearly a finessed final product, but it still has the earnest heart of a young band looking to make their mark.

You can catch Pool Boys at Bunk Bar November 23rd alongside Kulululu and Sheers

-By Avril Carrillo


Antarctigo Vespucci channel rock's past and present, play MHoW 11.04

The founding myth of Antarctigo Vespucci, a Brooklyn “powerpop violence” duo comprised of Chris Farren (of Fake Problems) and Jeff Rosenstock (of Bomb The Music Industry and solo acclaim) feels like a page taken from an as of yet unwritten sequel to Meet Me In the Bathroom; a chance meeting between two prolific songwriters lead to the creation of a band that best represents the continuation of rock and roll’s rebirth in New York City, fostered both by a classic Springsteen-esque energy and a desire to push beyond the traditional boundaries set on the genre. “White Noise,” the first single from their forthcoming Love in the Time of Email, totes both fuzzed out overdrive and pop-punk styled singability, a track that chugs along with an earworm chorus and scorching guitar in tandem. Farren and Rosenstock clearly have a foot in both camps of rock history, blazing towards a subgenreless future while relying upon quintessential guitar-laden soundscapes, playing to their strengths and influences in a way that feels instantantly classic. - ConnorMcInerney

Love in the Time of Email drops later this month on Polyvinyl Records - you can catch them live on November 4th at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. In the meantime, stream “White Noise” below. - Connor Beckett McInerney (@b_ck_tt), Photo via the artist's Facebook.