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A Tribute to Shel Silverstein


It doesn’t really get much better than Shel Silverstein; unless of course you put his brilliance to music, and unless that music is written by our very own Nashville favorites. In an interview with local musicians, Brady Surface and Jared Ziemba, I got to finally meet the creative little monster that everyone is talking about.


 It seems safe to say that one late-night lightbulb has snowballed into the unification of Nashville’s underground music, and will serve as a prevention program for kids. One thing is apparent - these are no lazy dudes. While currently traveling around the States, playing music, starting new bands, and working on patents for speakers, Brady Surface and Jared Ziemba have managed to put together a Shel Silverstein tribute album in their spare time. Consisting of 36 Shel Silverstein poems from Where The Sidewalk Ends, the album entails 35 local artists to relive, revive, and reproduce Silverstein’s genius in the form of music. Hand-picked with careful consideration, Surface and Ziemba were very cautious of which poems to give to what artists, the results rearing some serious creativity. A good chunk of the album was produced at The Nest with producer Ryan McFadden, with a handful done at Welcome To 1979, and other name and home studios around town.


It seems that when you give artists like De Novo Dahl, Natalie Prass, and HeyPenny a little creative room to play, the results are anything but ordinary. Surface and Ziemba found that this project not only pushed artists to explore new genres, but has also proven what can happen when you write for reasons other than yourself. “It is more like ‘birds in a flock’ than ‘runners in a race’” Ziemba believes, recalling that this collaboration has created a friendly environment for artists to “just be themselves.” The album, ranging from 50’s surf rock to electronica, reggae to blues, has created quite the community of local musicians, and simultaneously honored one of the greatest writer’s in American history.


As if buying the album for mere pleasure isn’t excuse enough, all profits go to the organization Teach For America, allowing you to hear some music and change the world at the same time. Surface and Ziemba believe this album appeals to all age groups, but hope it introduces kids to Shel Silverstein or whatever art they may be close to. “Let’s get Miley Cyrus off the radar, introduce the kids to good music. I don’t want that to die,” Brady preaches, “I don’t want the next generation growing up to listen to shitty music.” Calling it a “prevention program” and nothing short of a revolution, the guys are proud to announce the release of the album this fall, a year after the idea baby was born.


With the help of a kid-inspired CD release party, Ziemba and Surface are working hard to “put Nashville on the map – to show people that there is more than just Kings of Leon, Paramore, and country music coming out of Nashville.” This album has big plans already, and will serve as an honorary gift from our Nashville music family.--Mackenzie Grosser


Current list of featured artists:


Brady Surface


De Novo Dahl

Sam Stewart

Cortney Tidwell

Natalie Prass

Oscar Anthony

Clinton Wilson

Ben Ringel

Cody Uhler

Pico Vs Island Trees

Madi Diaz

Neil O’ Neil

Uncle Skeleton

Kyle Andrews

Heidi Feek

Sharon Lang


Simon Kerr

Michel Ford Jr.

Ben Ford

Daniel Pujol

Andrew Combs

The Fireman’s Daughter

Rae Hering

David Condos

Rayland Baxter

Goose Gosset

Evan P. Donahue

Heidi Feek

Bobby Hamrick

Gabe Vitek



From The Deli's Open Blog: The Young Werewolves

The Young Werewolves, the Philadelphia based rockabilly/psychobilly trio, are set to release their third recording tentatively titled, Sins of the Past. The release follows the band's 2008 recording, Cheat The Devil, which was produced by horror film star Sid Haig. "Twelve Steps to Rock N Roll" is the first single from the album and is available for download from The Young Werewolves' profile on MySpace profile. Sins of the Past will have it's official release during Halloween season when The Young Werewolves play The Trocadero Theater in Philadelphia on Saturday September 25, 2010. The Young Werewolves blend the styles of rockabilly, psychobilly, surf, punk, garage and pop music into an infectious mix. (as posted in The Deli's Open Blog - post your band's entries, videos, and MP3s here)




The Golden Boys @ SVT

Texas country-punkers (and current poll nominees) The Golden Boys will bring their tangy flavor of rock up to the Salvage Vanguard Theater this Friday (7/9); SVT, up at 2803 Manor, is much more than a performance venue, it also holds classes, features art exhibits, and in general positions itself in the center of many things theatrical, musical, visual, and wonderful happening in Austin, and smiles upon them. Check it out.  


The Roots Welcome America on the Ben Franklin Parkway!

Happy 4th of July! It’s party time folks! Well, I support party time anytime, but independence, beer, BBQs and The Legendary Roots is certainly a reason to celebrate. Now, I don’t kid myself. It’s probably hard to get yourself pumped up when you are opening for the Poo Poo Dolls with a handful of songs so we might get “a take the money and run”/”the festival” set. But The Roots have a hot new album, How I Got Over, that their hustlin’ so it would certainly be in their best interest to throw down tonight. (I’m sending good vibes with the video above.) Just have a backup plan for when their set is over. It’s sad that Sheryl Crow doesn’t sound that bad this year. Wawa Welcome America, Ben Franklin Parkway, 8pm, FREE, All Ages - H.M. Kauffman  




“Besties” Chang Chang & ‘tine-‘tine at JR’s July 3

I’m definitely very thankful about the response that The Deli has been receiving here in Philly. You kind of write about things that you like and let it go into the abyss of the internet never really knowing if anyone will ever see it, but it seems people do. One of the things that I think that The Deli is great for, and I’m always surprise when bands have never thought of doing this before is finding other artists who have similar tastes and trading shows. Having done booking in Philly before, it amazed me how disconnected artists and scenes were from each other, even though they consisted of like-minded people. What I hope is that The Deli provides a place for musicians, fans, industry peeps, music lovers, etc. to discover each other and foster a community that deserves to have a voice. Check out The Deli sites in other cities! I’m sure that you’ll find like-minded people doing what you’re doing and wondering how they can find others like themselves outside the confines of their seemingly small city. So reach out to them - share shows, fans, thoughts, jokes, bodily fluids, whatever builds good relations! 
Sorry about the pep rally rant, it was inspired by the two featured artists of this write-up. I discovered ‘tine-‘tine a while back clicking through people’s top friends in MySpace (yes, even though you never go into your account, MySpace is still an easy way to check out new music). I instantly knew we shared that same feeling. It’s that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you are about to say something so wrong, but it feels so right. To me, it’s pure comedy (or pure evil ;o). And when I came across Chang Chang (“who’s more of a standup comedian than a standup guy”) performing in the park down the street from my favorite taco place Taco Loco (on 4th and Washington - don’t be afraid of the RV - their tacos are delicious), I knew that they belonged together so I wrote about them in my Artist(s) Who Deserve Your Friendship column. Well, they found each other through the write-up, and are now “besties”. Now, if only they’d collaborate on some material together already. Well, part of my wish has come true because tonight they’ll be sharing the same bill together at JR’s. I’m sure that the Bonnie and Clyde of hip hop hilarity will have the room crackin’ up before the evening is over. JR’s, 2327 S. Croskey St., 9pm, $5, 21+ (Chang Chang Photo by Ryan Scott) - Q.D. Tran