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Next Big Nashville Is Fast Approaching...

Yes indeedy, the time has come for Next Big Nashville to take over the city again, and the anticipation of all the awesome showcases and panels has built to a fever pitch! We're looking forward to covering the performances of our favorite artists--since they're pretty much ALL playing, so you should be sure to check back with us frequently--like, every hour, on the hour--for updates and reviews. For the detailed schedule and lineup, (including showcases and panels at the Leadership Music Conference), you can go to Can't wait can't wait can't wait!--Deli Editor


Deli CD of the month: Translations - live at The Woods on 09.15

Branded as New Wave in their myspace profile, NYC based Translations is a little more complex than that. The band knows how to use reverb, clanging drum machines and lo-fi tricks in ways more interesting and sophisticated than your average Bushwick bedroom project. Most importantly, they can write good songs, and have found a strong signature sound in Andrew Fox's dark and thoughtful vocals. In this band's tracks you'll find ambient noise, rock'n'roll, great melodies, as well as alcohol-heavy inflections. The self-titled EP opener, "The Wanderer" – an electro-pop and punk mash up filled with lots of range and vocal harmonies – stands out as the album’s best track. The brand new single "Tarantella" (recorded with the help of Jeff Curtin from Small Black, not in the EP), with its evocative vocals, sudden empty breaks and a highly addictive "revolving chorus", takes us back to the summer of 1998, when everybody was in love with The Beta Band (which one year later committed artistic suicide with one of the ugliest albums ever). Check out Translations live at The Woods on September 15 and a week later at Coco66.


MEISA Math Rock Showcase Tonight at U. New Haven


Looking for something to do with your Thursday night?  Need a math rock fix?  The Music and Entertainment Industry Students Association (University of New Haven chapter) is launching a math rock showcase tonight at the University of New Haven's German Club.  Even if you don't necessarily need a math rock fix (or if you don't really know exactly what math rock is), you should catch this bill.

The lineup is far-reaching and varied, and sees veterans of the game sharing the stage with fresher talent.  Giraffes? Giraffes! is a duo from Northampton, Massachusetts, and their juxtaposition of calculated twitching and expansive nigh post rock movements lifts the genre to rarely mined potential.  Like Nomads (West Warwick, RI) is a five piece that takes the traditional tapped guitar, stumbling rhythms, and stabs of dissonance, and adds warbling synths and lo-fi noodling - it's a rather psychedelic angle, and it works.  Zona Mexicana (Purchase, NY) is a fast-moving onslaught of frenetic meter and kicks, side by side with layers of in-your-face vocals - something like math punk.  Good Citizens, a duo local to Connecticut, lets the tempo push and pull while keeping an incredibly tight guitar-drum chemistry; Full of Birdy (MA and RI) shares some of the same territory, but the thorny, "mathy" sections are dense and the open parts have an almost Primus-like twang to them.  Shrk Wk might have some of the densest movements to be found on the bill, and is probably the band most likely to cause a head banging-induced concussion.

The showcase is free, by the way.  So get down there at 7:30pm and see where some of the new voices in math rock are pushing the genre.

There are a lot of bands and some are traveling far, so the line-up may change only slightly (from bottom to top):

Giraffes? Giraffes!
Zona Mexicana
Like Nomads
Good Citizens
Shrk Wk
Full of Birdy

- The Deli Staff


Not Aware

The Maybenauts have released a video for their track "Not Aware" which appears on their Big Bang EP. The band will be playing a free show at Double Door on Sept. 14th.


Weekly Feature #218b: The Willowz

The Willowz
sprouted out of Anaheim, California in 2002 and soon after, lost their Orange County leaves and became NYC transplants where they have sowed their punk, soul, and garage rock seeds on their newest album, “Everyone.” Bluesy and psychedelic vibes saturate each track, and overlay Richie James Follin’s searching, howling vocals, William-Lewis Mclaren’s (guitar/vocals) continuously bending and ringing riffs, with relentlessly speedy rhythm section of Jessica Anne Reynoza (bass/vocals) and Loren Shane Humphrey (drums). The band's signature sound blossoms on slide-guitar guided “I Know” and a vibrant title track “Everyone,” as “Way it Seems” plays with a variety of tempos. Album standout, “Repetition” embodies the best of The Willowz’s gritty roots, and jaunty “Destruction” surges forward with wailing vocals and guitars. The Willowz’s “Everyone” certainly branches out to something for everyone. - Read Meijin Bruttomesso's interview with the band here.