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From the Open Blog: Sleep Talk!

Sleep Talk sounds like hot fire. Have you seen the "double rainbow" youtube vid? Well, he was listening to Sleep Talk at the time. Yeah. I know. Sleep Talk is: Mike Mcneil (Guitar, MIDI Controls, Vox) Ben Bazzrea (Lead Guitar, "the sex appeal") Nick Wong (Bass, Vox, Sick dance moves) Anthony Ortega (Drums, Laptop, Good hands... ladies) Their shows end up as dance parties, so bring your dancing shoes...

(Ed.: this post taken from Sleep Talk's post on our DIY Open Blog, check out other Open Blog posts in the Deli Kitchen.)


Schoolof Seven Bells kick off tour at Bell House on 09.09

Yes we have a soft spot for these ladies (oops! right! there's a guy in there too... we always forget! What does he do??) Check out the video of the single Windstorm and don't miss their show at Brooklyn Bowl on 09.09.


CD Review: Scott Thorough and Tone Tank

Scott Thorough and Tone Tank's "Scott and Tone ep”" is getting its swerve on, and it encourages you to do the same. If you put the 80s rap and electro scenes in a blender and set it to “Masticate” you’d have an idea of what it sounds like. It’s bold and belligerent, wet and wild, apathetic and agitated; suffice it to say, it will make you feel awesome and gross at once. Guest spots from Serengeti and Kool A.D. of Das Racist add extra flavor. Hard copies are limited and come hand painted. New Brooklyn label Modern Shark is putting it down. Get in the hot tub now before Scott and Tone pee in it. - BrokeMC


The Return of Epitonic

I am confident that my appreciation and understanding of music would be no where near what it is today if it was not for the website Epitonic. The site launched in 1999 and I wish I could remember how I stumbled upon it, but it was my musical bible from '99 to 2002. The site predated many of today's popular music sites, and was also structured differently. The key to epitonic was related artist discovery somewhat like Pandora today, but with much more underground atheistic. The best utilization of the site, and the way I spent hours and hours, was through searching through the similar artists of your favorite bands or genres. Everyday I found myself downloading (through dial-up) a cd's worth of new music to listen to.

One of the co-founders of Epitonic was Justin Sinkovich who currently is in the band The Poison Arrows and runs File 13 Records. The site disappeared in 2004, but now Justin is looking to relaunch this influential service. Since Justin lives in Chicago the relaunch party will be here this Fall. However, he first needs to raise some funds to finance the relaunch. You can visit his kickstarter page for more info and to get involved.

In the meantime he has put the site back back online for everyone to browse the archives.


Grimace Federation Open for Tortoise at WCL Sept. 8!

Legendary post rockers Tortoise are in town tonight at World Café Live. I’m happy to see them matched up with one of my favorite local post rock outfits Grimace Federation. It’ll also probably be the last time you’ll be able to catch them before their CD release party at Johnny Brenda’s on October 29 w/West Philadelphia Orchestra and Univox so get there early and catch their set because I know that the Grimace fellas will be pumped up to be sharing the stage (and hopefully a joint) with their heroes. World Café Live, 3025 Walnut St., 8pm, $25 Floor/$35 Mezzanine, All Ages (Photo by Erica) - Q.D. Tran