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Lucinda Black Bear announce release of sophomore album

Lucinda Black Bear’s first album "capo my heart and other bear songs" was a burst of sonic longing, a soulful fusion of cellos, feedback, loops, pianos, drums, and oddly tuned acoustic/electric guitars, with love from place such as NPR, Time Out NY and The Deli, the New York indie folk rockers return with their second album in November, which is even more ambitious, broad and expansive than “capo”. Check out the first offering of LP2 in the form of "Percvial" here. See the band live at Best Buy on 09.24.


Girl In A Coma show, 9/4/10

It was something of a ladies night (save for the Billy Goats) at The End Saturday night as two of Nashville’s acts opened for two touring girl-trios from Texas. Of all the groups in a seemingly mismatched lineup, no one really paled in comparison to another. Solo artist Erin Manning (one of The Deli’s own editors) started the evening and proved she can play music as well as write about it. Though accompanied by other instrumentalists and a backup vocalist, Manning was the powerhouse with the keyboard, and she had what few female vocalists in Nashville have: my attention. Like Amy Winehouse, but stable, Manning puts all the soul into it without the tragedy and high glamour, singing of Harry Potter lore (check out “The Basilisk”) rather than Rehab. The key-driven songs are at once whimsical and semi-seductive, and their writer expects to release an EP in December of this year.

If you had never heard of the Billy Goats and were going to make an assumption based on their name, you might guess rockabilly or some cheeky indie strain, not what two showgoers cited as the best hip hop group in Nashville. It’s a fair assertion, as they doled out more bass- heavy beats to a dancing crowd than The End is used to, and they even worked in an intentionally off-key “Happy Birthday” before a humble exit – “Aw, no I wasn’t,” said ILLER after someone offered an enthusiastic “You were great!” And though The Deli strictly shows the love to Nashville artists, it must be said that the ladies from Texas knew their stuff as well, including Agent Ribbons (three wide-eyed and affable hillbilly-punk dolls working violin and guitar in plaids, ringlet curls and bows, whose set included some unexpected Bowie, Ritchie Valens and Patsy Cline covers) and the three tattooed, raven-haired vixens of Girl in a Coma (these girls, of Joan Jett’s label Blackheart Records, finished the night with an overwhelming stage presence and complete ownership of their instruments – they rocked the bass-drum-guitar combination with unbelievable skill and energy). – Jessica Pace


Gemini Club

Before the summer completely fades you should check out the fun indie-electro sounds of Gemini Club. This trio has been floating around the city for the last few years, and have released several quality remixes and an ep called Future Tidings last year. Next month they will be releasing a new single called "Ghost" that will feature six remixes by Hey Champ, Only Children, Midnight Conspiracy, and others.

Gemini Club is playing a special release show at The Metro on September 24th where attendees will be able to grab a physical copy of the release for one night only. The night will include Hey Champ (DJ SET), Only Children, Midnight Conspiracy, Team Bayside High, Kid Color, and will be hosted by Moneypenny.



One Ring Zero CD release party, 09.07 at Joe's Pub

One Ring Zero is a sophisticated gypsy-orchestral-pop (and now officially gypsy-orchestral-space-pop) band that was kissed by fame in the mid '00s after releasing a CD of original songs featuring lyrics by world class writers, including Jonathan Lethem, Margaret Atwood, Paul Auster, and Dave Eggers among others. Their new CD finds inspiration in the approaching hundredth anniversary of influential composer Gustav Holst's orchestral suite "The Planets". One Ring Zero re-visitation of the solar system is a complex pop kaleidoscope of sounds, ranging from classical sounding arrangements with string and brass sections to more stripped down parts dominated by guitars and the band's signature instruments: the claviola and the harmonica. The album can be streamed here. The band will celebrate the release of the new CD with a show at Joe's Pub on 09.07.


From The Deli's Open Blog: Grandfather play Cameo on 09.18

New York based three piece Grandfather fashion dynamic, intense and violently rhythmic psychedelic rock. Far from a traditional power rock trio, the band creates a massive, caterwauling maelstrom from the simple concept of allowing each instrument to reach its sonic peak. Conjuring the sounds of a band twice its size, their music is ripe with complex melodies and a lockstep rhythm section, set against the tempestuous guitar riffs. The band recently recorded their debut record, "Why I'd Try" in July, 2010 with stalwart engineer Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies). Firm believers in the raw, unencumbered sound of the analog recording process, Grandfather and Albini have managed to capture the band's frenetic, live-in-the-room intensity and created a singular, ruminative and altogether bracing introduction to their world. "Why I'd Try" is available for FREE download here. Grandfather will play Cameo Gallery on 09.18 at 10.30 - free admission. - (as posted in The Deli's Open Blog - post your band's entries, videos, and Mp3s here).