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Last Minute Plans: Ceiling Stars @ Hideout

Back in April Ceiling Stars released their latest album All The Fallen Parts. Above is the video by Hiroshi Narasaki for their track “A Good Son”.

Ceiling Stars is performing tonight (July 1st) with Scott Lucas And The Married Men at Hideout. The show starts at 9pm and is only $8.


The Friday Question: On After Dark or Lights Go Out

Just a quick round-up of some Friday of Fourth of July Weekend hap'nins: Built By Snow bring their brand of electro-geek rock to the Mohawk on Friday the 2nd; they'll be accompanied by our most recent poll champions Guns of Navarone, along with Whitman and On After Dark. Meanwhile, Markov will celebrate the release of their album This Quiet over at the Beauty Bar with a stellar lineup including ...and You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, Girl in a Coma, Lights Go Out, and White Rhino. And that'll do. (Above, On After Dark...well, sorta.) 


Admiral Radley begins Cali tour with free show at Hammer Museum July 8

Socal and Norcal unite as Admiral Radley—a symbiosis of members of Modesto's Grandaddy and L.A.’s Earlimart. Mounting a tour through Central California’s Podunk truck stops, the band kicks it off with a free concert at the Hammer Museum in West L.A. on July 8, with sprightly locals Happy Hollows. Central Cali is a place of simultaneous desolation and abundance—in its desert and farmland, in its flatlands and its mountains. Some of the best crowds to play are in the Central Valley, and bands often build a faithful listening base there because—well, it’s the coolest thing to do there. Admiral Radley will undoubtedly be the talk of these small towns and midsize cities for the next month. The Deli wishes them a bountiful tour, as it’s a noble journey upon which they embark.


Maps & Atlases on Daytrotter

In case you missed it, like I did, Daytrotter posted a new session with Maps & Atlases on June 24th. The band performed three tracks from their latest album Perch Patchwork, and an unreleased track called “Ted Zancha”.

The band does not have a Chicago show scheduled right now, but will be touring the country this summer and heading to the UK in October.


Oh Ivory!

Light Pollution recently performed their track “Oh Ivory!” for AON Sessions. The band’s track “Good Feeling” was also recently remixed by Memoryhouse.

Light Pollution will be performing at West Fest on July 11th and at Empty Bottle on July 16th.