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Album Review: Strength, "Mind-Reader"


It’s been four years since Strength made Portland all hot and bothered with its self-released, sex-saturated debut, Going Strong. The album was a swanky collection of love jams with titles of the like of, “Burning up for Two,” and, “Press Up,” crooned by Bailey Winters and accompanied by John Zeigler on keys and Patrick Morris on guitar, bass, and drums, resulting in a synth-disco album that even Europeans would get down to. Needless to say, the trio’s sophomore release was a highly anticipated one.

The boys did not disappoint. Although the track titles are not so bluntly sexual on Strength’s second self-released full-length, Mind-Reader, the content is. “Let me rub you down with brandy, let me lay you in my bed,” Winters ardently offers in the funky, hip-gyrating tune, “Brandy.” Yes, please.

His seduction gets a little darker in, “Blood,” a minor chord driven groove about a weak, thirsty vampire who has his female victim cornered as he instructs her, “Now stand back close against the wall, my hands on you feel comfortable...This is blood that will soon be mine.”

The only unsatisfying element of this record is its length. The eight-track-long LP clocks in at a measly 24 minutes that has its listener begging for more. On your next album, boys, work on your stamina.

-Katrina Nattress



Percolator's new album “None of These Are Words" is now available and starting today they will be featuring one track per day. The feature will include extra information about it: stories, lyrics, credits, and explanations, and last until all 12 tracks have been featured. The above video was shot at Odd Obsessions and in turn is slightly NSFW.



The Deli Showcase - Official Opening Party for Philly F/M Fest Sept. 23!

Happy Labor Day! We refuse to do anything today except drink, eat and smoke whatever anyone puts in front of us. But we’ll leave you with this poster by our beloved Annamarya Scaccia to reflect on what an awesome time you are going to have at our next showcase on Thursday, Sept 23 at Kung Fu Necktie which is the Official Opening Party for the Philadelphia Film and Music Festival. Cheers! - The Deli Staff

Loomis and the Lust hit the road to support their Space Camp EP

Loomis and the Lust

Searching for fun in the avant garde landscape of serious singer/songwriters, noise bands, or whomever else can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Santa Barbara's Loomis and the Lust is indeed that needle. Embracing pop rock for all it's worth, their sound is a mix of hot guitar riffs, tongue-in-cheek lyrics, and a danceable backbone. Their first single off the Space Camp EP, 'Barbarella', is a sing-along romp that mixes surf rock, Brit pop, and Motown grooves (To my dismay, I was hoping it would lean more towards Duran Duran's 'Electric Barbarella' but I was mistaken).

The band will be playing Ground Zero at USC on Sept. 17th. before heading back North to play a few shows in their hometown of Santa Barbara.


Trippy Debut Video from Golden Ages!

Below is a trippy debut video from Golden Ages for “Everything Will Be Alright” off of their EP Sitting Softly in the Sea. It was directed by LA-based Bryan Schlam. The track gets your heart thumping, while the visuals leave you in a psychedelic haze drowning in feelings of loneliness and isolation. (Do we need some psychiatric help? Sometimes.) Golden Ages is working on a new album and planning some live performances locally as well as regionally. - The Deli Staff

Golden Ages - "Everything Will Be Alright"